Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm a life coach now!

And I'm telling my stories about that and more over at my new website!

Please join me for more pictures of Marcel, my boat transformation, and how I created my magical life!

xo - Jessica

Friday, August 17, 2012

oh hai - have you missed me?

Because I've missed you! I've missed capturing the happy and beautiful moments in my life - and there have been lots! There has also been lots of change and it's time for things around here to reflect that. So here's an update on what's been going on and what's coming.

First and foremost, Marcel is fine. He's 17 now and really starting to show his age. He's lost some weight and his balance is really getting wonky, but for some reason he's been spending lots more time outside. In his youth, he'd spend days outside before coming home for some r-n-r. He's certainly not doing that, but sometimes he stays out all night! Not sure what he's doing out there but if he's happy, I'm happy.

The Fine Fellow and I broke up shortly after Halloween. After almost 2 years during which I'd pursued a whole lotta personal growth, I realized I was wanting more than the relationship had to offer. I still think he's wonderful and we're still friends and I am grateful for all the fun and joy that he brought into my life - truly.

I'm also incredibly grateful for all the things the Fine Fellow introduced me to - namely BOATS! And I have even more to be grateful for because after we broke up I realized I was gonna need my own boat. And now I have one! Remember Perry's little boat from last year? Well now it's mine!!!! 

I have been sprucing it up and making all pretty and girly - thanks to a great deal of help from my sweet girlfriends. I have renamed the boat, Siren's Song, and the ladies and I have been having a grand time eating incredible meals and just generally enjoying the fabulous summer.

Perry bought a bigger boat so that he can live on it in the summer and live at the place he bought in Costa Rica for the winter. I can't wait to go for a visit this year! Anyway, his boat is massive and has a beautiful upper deck which I have annexed as my outdoor dining room. So far we've managed to have dinner for 12!

Having my own boat and spending most of my time on the island is amazing and wonderful and surprising! I have been saying that each summer on the island just gets better. I have no idea how that could be possible or what summer will bring but it does. And this year summer has brought me a great love - Sam.

Sam's an islander! He grew up there and lives there year round and he had a crush on me for ages when I was with the Fine Fellow. He is loving and sweet and funny and kind and loves Marcel and me and ..... oh he's gonna need his own post. But he's been responsible for most of the amazing meals this summer and he also makes his own bacon - yum!

The biggest change that's happened in the last year is that I made a decision that I wanted to become a life coach and I took Martha Beck's course to hone my skills and make that goal a reality. And this journey has brought me so much love and joy and inspiration and new friends and new insights and ya - lots of wonderful things! I even got to meet Martha!

So now it's time for a change on this here blog - because what I want to say now is different from the little posts about pretty things I've come across in my life. I want to share things more deeply and more personally and connect to the world in a way that I can share what I've learned, and continue to learn, on my journey.

It's time for a new blog where I'll be telling these stories in much more detail and with much more heart (and probably lots more swearing). Thank you all for your kind words and companionship here at Marcel and Me. I hope you're join me for this new chapter over at!

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