Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the spare room update

Due to a wonderful but slightly nutty summer that involved the bathroom ceiling collapsing, and visits from my fabulous siblings and friends from the Big Apple, those new ideas I had for the spare room have been slow in coming to fruition.

And though I still haven't painted all that untreated wood on the shelf or the bed,

put upholstered panels on the headboard,

replaced the Ikea dresser,

or properly re-upholstered the little chair;

I am truly amazed at the difference rearranging the furniture, and adding some darling curtains from Mod Cloth and some sheers from Ikea has made!

If you'd like a reminder of what it used to look like go here. There will be yet another roomie moving in this weekend to make it her own and fall in love with Marcel.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

To all my Canadian friends and family!!

I would like to give particular thanks to the men in my life who have gone out of their way to make me smile, make me feel safe, make me feel loved, and make damn sure I have a good time.

Perry - has been a source of so much wonderful silliness and support.

He actually offered to let me walk on him.

Tyler - has literally fixed many of my problems by mending what was broken.

And he always dances with me.

Jesse - his generosity knows no bounds and he is a master of playing. He also literally kept the boat afloat.

David - has the kindest heart and throws the meanest party. He made this Disco Party the best party of the summer, and that's saying something!

Kenny - for the openness of his spirit and the love that pours out of him.

I am thankful for these friendships.

For the kindness, generosity, helpfulness, sauciness and manliness of these men.

So, so grateful for all the love.

And for DISCO!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

let love rule

Okay, hi there, I've been kinda awol, I know but I'm back. As you might have guessed from my last couple of posts this summer brought some interesting challenges to my door. But my horoscope has improved dramatically and so has my life!

"You have cosmic clearance to fall deeply, madly, and frequently in love, Gemini. In fact, it's OK with the gods of fate and the angels of karma if you swell up with a flood of infatuation and longing big enough to engorge an entire city block. The only stipulation those gods and angels insist on is that you do not make any rash decisions or huge life changes while in the throes of this stupendous vortex. Don't quit your job, for instance, or sell all your belongings, or dump your temporarily out-of-favor friends and loved ones. For the foreseeable future, simply enjoy being enthralled by the lush sexy glory of the liquid blue fire." Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology

I'm gonna go with that. Here are a few new things that are making me love my kitchen even more than before.
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