Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New House Tour

Here's an update!

Living Room first ...

Not much has changed here. Some books have been rearranged as well as a lamp or two. 

Some new pillows & pillow covers. But the biggest improvement was getting rid of that big ol' TV.

I have moved into what used to be the Spare Room. I was really needing to pare down how much clothing and how many of pairs shoes I have, so I figured moving into the smaller room would force me to do that! It has, but I still have a ways to go!

Clearly, the biggest changes are in here. I did finally replace the old Ikea dresser with a new Ikea dresser, as well as brought in my old childhood dresser with some new knobs added from Anthropologie. I got some new lamps from Target and I love the little rug and colourful swirly pillow both from CB2.

I added in some Ikea shelves to the wall for shoe storage, and finally got around to properly covering that vintage chair. New bedding is from Winners. And I actually bit the bullet and made new curtains from an Ikea duvet cover. The "closet" situation is also much improved by maxing out the ceiling height and hanging two of these bars from Ikea.

Here's the Kitchen which is fairly unchanged ...

Just a few Mccoys and a chopping block over the sink to create more counter space.

And the Bathroom ...

Yes, I did finally get around to hemming the Anthropologie shower curtains and goodness what a difference!

Though at this point, this room could use a good re-painting since my landlord didn't get around to it when repairing that ceiling mess.

There are no updated shots of the big back bedroom which used to be mine. Currently it is very sparsely furnished and decorated since I'm renting it out. I did however move the lovely Flora and Fauna curtains from the spare room in there and they look great on the window. I do plan to put a few of the things from the boat in there as well as a small couch and maybe a desk when the current roommie moves out in the Spring. 

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