Thursday, December 9, 2010

ooops, I did it again

Remember back in May when I was pretending to be in France and I tried to make a clafouti? Well, just as a reminder it was supposed to look like this:

but came out like this:

I love this stuff and it seems like it should be so easy to make. So I tried a new recipe from the Nourishing Gourmet (lots of yummines overe there) - and this is what is should look like this time:

and, um well, here's my attempt:

The first one was so burnt to get the middle to set it was inedible, and this one is both overcooked and unbelievably greasy - gross! Is it the the pie plate, is it me?

1 comment:

  1. my friend Anne was kind enough to suggest that it is in fact the pie plate and not me - pyrex here I come!


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