Thursday, November 3, 2011


I love Halloween! I love the imagination and transformation that happens when people are given license to run wild with ideas.

I have always been a huge Carmen Miranda fan and when realized that my grade 12 prom dress (which was still in my closet) had the perfect top I knew I had to make this costume happen. I chopped the top off and sewed it onto a strapless bra and presto, Carmen Miranda top!

But the hat proved to be a major challenge. So after attempting to make one myself, I ended up buying a pre-made one and then completely rearranged it with the aid of a hot glue gun. And I even had to get another little felt hat to support underneath and hold up all those bananas, cherries and the parakeet!

Then at the last minute the Fine Fellow and I got tickets to the Silver Snail Halloween Party. So while we were not exactly dressed "appropriately" for the comic booky theme of the evening, everyone else sure was. Those are the Muppet X-Men!!

And here are the members of Alpha Flight - the only Canadian Super Hero team I've ever heard of!

This was one of my favorites of the evening ...

Obi Wan, Princess Leia & Han Solo

Team Zissou!

and this, which won a big prize ...

The fine fellow and I had absolutely no idea who half the revelers were dressed as but it was quite fun talking to people and finding out what their stories were. And though I was convinced that very few people at this event had any idea what I was dressed as, I won a prize!!


  1. Oh wow your costume is super awesome. I like it alot, it must have been so hard wearing that head piece. Im sure you were cnstantly aware of it. red lipstick looks nice on you dear! Im glad your Halloween was fun!!!

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