Thursday, July 8, 2010

not ugly ducklings

Remember the photos of the little-tiny handfulls of cygnets I showed you last month? Well here's how Swanee's five little babies are growing.

They are still very, very cute, but growing so quickly!

They all do this very funny thing where they float around with one foot out of the water and it makes them look a bit lop-sided. Sometimes they even swim with only one little webbed tootsie.

The fine fellow thinks it's because their feet get cold. Maybe they need some socks?

It's kinda hard to believe that this little sweetie will eventually look like this.


  1. your photos look luminous! gotta love how water and light combine.

  2. I'm very pleased with them given that I was just trying to get in some shots as I was feeding them. The late-afternoon sun was definitely working in my favour!

  3. do you mind if i post a shot on my blog? i'll credit you.


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