Wednesday, October 27, 2010

small swan drama

So I've been learning all kinds of things about swans this summer since I was adopted by big daddy Swanee on my very first visit out to the marina.

Some kinds of swans have white sygnets and some have brown and if one of each becomes a pair they can have a mixed batch of babies and the colour is not related to the sex of the sygnets. But the brown ones in this family are much bigger.

All was well for quite a while after one disappeared a while back. The sygnets are almost grown and have the most beautiful feathers and are learning to fly.

But last weekend something strange was going on. The smallest white one was not with her family. She was still there, but hanging back far away from the rest of the group. Her long neck was tucked back and even though she'd still come up to the boat after the others had moved away she would not eat.

It made me very sad to see her looking so alone and forlorn. I asked the fine fellow what we could do and he said we had to just let nature take its course. I said, we'd take Marcel to the vet, and he said they're not pets. But they are like pets, I love them like pets, they're our swans.

One evening, while we were by the camp fire, she came drifting over all by herself and I went and sat by the edge of the water and just sat there saying to myself "all will be well little swanee, all will be well, please be well".

(he's biting her and chasing her off)

So I was a little afraid at what I would find when I went back a week later. But lookey here - they're all back together! and everybody came for a snack!

I'm so, so glad, and very, very grateful!

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