Monday, October 18, 2010

fall is here

The change of season always bring new things with it, but with fall there always seems to be an ending of so many of my favourite joys: summer, sun, swimming in the lake, and now fun times on the island are on a very short count down.

We're all just trying to enjoy the time left and not think about how all this will change in a few weeks.

But little reminders are creeping in. Tim decided to clean out the fridge and he taught me how to make that amazing lobster salad - it was sooo so good to have that treat again.

The fine fellow went on his annual, fall fishing trip.

The last band of the season played at the bar.

Tyler's band, White Cowbell Oklahoma, is going on their fall tour. (He plays the cowbell and the Chainsaw!)

And I'm wearing jeans!!!

I must remember to live in the moment, beacause we're all still having a wonderful time, and I'm very very grateful for that.

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