Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it was a very Xena X-mas!

December 25th was a busy day, what with opening all those prezzies and having dinner with my young hosts grandparents. It had been so mild and dry that I even remarked to 10 year old Tomio "tomorrow we should go for a bike ride in the park". But then, as you all know, there was a blizzard.

So although Emi was cursing me when she saw me wrapping up those swords and chakrams, let me tell you that stuff made the being stuck inside pretty fun!! First we watched a bunch of videos and the kids practiced their battle cries - ai ai ai ai ai aiiiiii!

Then we watched Hercules get a lesson in feminism from the Amazon women which he then sagely passes along to a village of men.

There was some chakram throwing practice (ouch!) ...

 Some displays of fancy sword-personship,

 and then it was time to battle!


Hercules fought valiantly and with great gusto ...

 But Xena (and her horse) always win!

Ai ai ai ai ai ai aiiiiiii!!!!


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