Thursday, January 6, 2011

the New York City blizzard of 2010

I gotta say, for me this was just fun fun fun!! We awoke after a day of Xena to the city looking like this:

And I had not brought gear of any kind, but since Tomio is so tall I just wore his stuff from last year! We all got ready, grabbed the sleds and walked to the park.

Julia was still in warrior-princess mode attacking me with snowballs along the way.

And we bypassed the kiddie hill for a more challenging course where we spent the better part of two days.

In true snow-day fashion, we made lots of friends in the park as people played in the snow. A lovely group speaking Arabic stuck in the city on their way to Boston who said I looked like a movie star (which was funny in my snow gear and red face); a quartet of early 20's Asian boys intent upon making our trail run smoother as they used a snowboard as a sled 2 at a time; and a huge posse of Brazilian boys who when I pointed out that they were ruining the jump we'd been building with their shenanigans, pitched in and fixed it up.

We were so busy having fun building a snow fort and taking turns bombing down the hill on Tomio's new sled that I forgot all about the camera.

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