Thursday, October 6, 2011

let love rule

Okay, hi there, I've been kinda awol, I know but I'm back. As you might have guessed from my last couple of posts this summer brought some interesting challenges to my door. But my horoscope has improved dramatically and so has my life!

"You have cosmic clearance to fall deeply, madly, and frequently in love, Gemini. In fact, it's OK with the gods of fate and the angels of karma if you swell up with a flood of infatuation and longing big enough to engorge an entire city block. The only stipulation those gods and angels insist on is that you do not make any rash decisions or huge life changes while in the throes of this stupendous vortex. Don't quit your job, for instance, or sell all your belongings, or dump your temporarily out-of-favor friends and loved ones. For the foreseeable future, simply enjoy being enthralled by the lush sexy glory of the liquid blue fire." Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology

I'm gonna go with that. Here are a few new things that are making me love my kitchen even more than before.


  1. really, no comments about my new swans, oh great swan lover?


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