Monday, January 18, 2010

corn bread

Corn bread is one of my all time favourite things, and since I can't eat traditional corn bread, or really bread of any kind (thanks to that pesky wheat allergy) I decided it was time to make some myself. I actually tried to do this last year and made something the consitency of concrete.

Time to try again! I've been wanting to try out the babycakes nyc recipe which I discovered on design*sponge, but I don't have any xanthan gum handy so I gave this recipe a whirl instead.

I replaced the milk with rice milk and the vinegar with lemon juice and then I realized the only oil I had was of the olive persuasion (I am so not prepared for baking). But I was very excited to put good ol' homer into action!

I think my gas oven runs too hot and clearly olive oil is not the way to go, but this turned out not half bad - especially with a little agave!

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