Tuesday, January 19, 2010

welcome to the spare room

The spare room is on the right as you come down the hall from the living room and is just before the kitchen. I have all sorts of crafty little ideas for this room, but I have a lovely roommate who wanted to move in early and so the projects will have to wait until it is uninhabited again.

I want to panel the headboard with some padding and lovely fabric stretched over boards that fit into the gaps in the Ikea bed I got on craigslist with the mattress for a total bargain.

I want to paint all the wood in the room: the untreated pine shelf and bed, and the Ikea "birch effect" dresser (which was found around the corner also courtesy of craigslist), and the already painted shelf.

The chair found on the sidewalk got a mini but not quite permanent makeover from a couple of pillow cases but needs to be spray painted and recovered.

But what colour do I paint all these things - do I make them all the same colour? That seems boring. What should get an accent colour - the dresser? That seems like the wrong thing to draw attention to (maybe what it needs is an upgrade).

Oh and that rice-paper blind needs to go, but I don't know if I can deal with the thought of making more curtains! Perhaps what I need first is a colour scheme.

I like the blues, purples, greens, rusts and yellows in the Van Gogh Irises and also in the sweet little switch plate.

I guess it's just as well I have a few months to mull it all over.

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