Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love the beach

Last year for my birthday I decided I wanted to go on a real beach adventure - so I went to Hong Kong.

What? Yes, I went to Hong Kong to go to the beach. My friend Lee lives there and always has these great photos of him at the beach and he gets up in the morning and goes for a surf before work. So I went for a visit.

As a special birthday treat we went in search of this waterfall that he'd heard about.

And with Meta's help, we found it.

And I loved it!!

I always think that one day I will turn into a mermaid, and this was a very mermaid kinda day!


  1. awesome way to celebrate a birthday! it looks like you had a blast, kudos!

  2. I love Hong Kong and lived there for three months but it was cold when I went there, so I didn't get to swim - wrong time of year. Looks like a blast!


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