Tuesday, June 29, 2010

weekend disapointment

So I didn't go camping, but I didn't wuss out. Forces beyond my control derailed the plans and I think it was just the universe saying - you know camping just isn't "you" - and I have to agree.

Instead, on Saturday I slept in, stayed home, read books and avoided this. Yes, that is a police car burning in the middle of the main shopping district in Toronto ...

and hooligans running rampant and wantonly destroying property.

The federal government spent over 1 billion dollars on security but they couldn't stop a bunch of idiots breaking windows in broad daylight.

So on Sunday the police just started arresting everybody. People and civil right were trampelled in the process. I don't honestly know what was accomplished by the G8/G20, but I really don't think it warranted turning my very peaceful city into a police state to the tune of 1 billion dollars.

I went to the boat and hung out with the fine fellow and fed the swans some more. They are growing so quickly!

(photos from the Toronto Star)


  1. ugh! don't get me started about what happens whenever the Canadiens win a playoff game!!!!

  2. nuts.

    So because of your towns shenanigans, the blue jays played the phillies in Philadelphia instead. I got to go on Friday night. And they won. So thanks for that :)

    Hopefully you'll go camping soon!

  3. Wow. I've been seeing this on the news. Just crazy.


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