Friday, June 18, 2010

I want to be a beach bum

Hong Kong has sublime beaches - really it does. I don't think most people know this, but as someone who aspires to be a full-time beach bum, when people talk about beaches I pay attention.

(secret beach)

The most incredible beach was hands down the one that was close to the rock pool, but that is a real special occasion beach, and one that Lee and his friends often visit on a camping trip. To get there requires a taxi, a water taxi (very fun!) and then a hike because it's on Sai Kung. I was sworn to secrecy about the location because when you get there you are amazed at the whiteness of the sand and the blueness of the water and the emptyness of the beach, so I'm not supposed to tell anyone where it is - but I also simply have no idea.

(on the way to Deep Water Bay)

But the south side of the main Hong Kong island is peppered with bays and beaches. So what I loved about Hong Kong is that from downtown, I would get on a public bus for around 2 bucks and 30 minutes later I would be on the beach. And one day Lee and I took a bus and then hiked Dragon's Back trail to Big Wave Bay - that was an amazing day filled with butterflies, but we forgot the camera.

(you can see Deep Water Bay beach)

Deep Water Bay is the qickest one to get to, and then a bit further along is the popular and crowded Repulse Bay, but slightly off the beaten path as there is no direct bus service is South Bay Beach. This is Lee's favourite and also mine.

(Deep Water Bay beach)

Each beach has lifeguard stations, clean bathrooms, outdoor showers and a snack bar - this is how it should be!

(Repulse Bay beach)

So on the day before and the day of my birthday last year I took the bus ride to just past Repulse Bay then hopped off and walked the lovely street to South Bay beach.

(there is South Bay)

I proceeded to have two of the most perfect days ever.

(there is South Bay beach)

Apparently the weather at the end of May can be quite rainy. But not for me, for me it was hot and sunny almost every day of my trip and perfectly so on those days.

The water is refreshing but also warm enough that you can swim around for as long as you like.

And the food at the restaurant here at South Bay beach is amazing. I had the grilled salmon with mango salsa both days because it was soooo good I really wanted to eat it again.

It's quiet in the morning but gets busier in the afternoon.

This was such a happy place for me to lie in the sun, read a book, swim in the ocean and think about life. This was truly a blessing at that moment in my life.

Then it was time to head back into the city for an amazing birthday dinner.

I really have to thank Lee again for his amazing hospitality - he is a wonderful friend. And guess what? He just moved to Australia ...


  1. the last line just floored me! ack! i need new, better dispersed friends!!!

    this post was very illuminating. i never thought of beaches in Hong Kong (hello? derrrr) quite beautiful, especially surrounded by those mountains.

    also, thanks for your thoughts on the willow. i'm making mental notes...

  2. visiting friends is such a great, cheap way to travel - going to San Fran in August to visit friends with a guest house!

  3. wow sounds amazing!! My BF and I would love to get out to southeast asia at some point. Thanks for the tips :)

  4. Fantastic! Time for another vacation! :)

    My sister is going to China soon. It will be long term. BIG SIGH. I'm still tearing up when I talk about it.


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