Tuesday, September 7, 2010

island eating, mmmmmm

We have been eating very, very well this summer. Usually I cook up a couple of easy things at home, pack up the bike and head over the the island. Then the fine fellow does the rest - all the cooking and all the clean up! But I always make him a batch of my almond-butter chocolate chip cookies cause they're his favourite.

There have also been some wonderful dinner parties and pot-lucks organized by some of the other lovely boaters.

My new friend Tim made the most amazing spread recently - all served out on the lawn looking over the water: salmon in saffron, pork on skewers with peaches, steak, mandarin salad, capreses salad, and the yummiest lobster salad (no mayo!) stuffed in perfectly ripe avocados!!! He's promised to show me how to make it.

I may not have figured out all the things I want in life, but I've been just reveling in every wonderful, perfect moment - and they have been plentiful. I'm grateful for them all!

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  1. welcome back! but stop it you're making me hungry!


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