Friday, November 5, 2010

well hello again ebay

So my friend Sabrina calls me earlier in the week and says "it's time". Time for what? Time for cowboy boots!! She knows of my recent obsession and she knew she'd come to the right place. What did we find for she of the dainty size 5 1/2 feet?

Well she fell in love with these Fryes and wanted them the most. There was a serious bidding war on these babies, but she got them for just under $50 bucks!

And then we saw these little darlings - also Fryes. Our friend Siobhan felt they were a little too similar, but Sabrina loves grey and I think the two are very different. In fact, if these had been in my size I never would have shown them to her.

And guess what? Scored for $9.99 - that's correct, under $10 dollars!

But I was feeling very strongly that as a very fair blond she needed a good summer neutral and these were on sale from $150.00 for $45 "buy it now" - so she did!!

These are actually the same as my red dingo's, which she's tried on so we both knew they'd be super comfy!

I'm so proud of her. And she still has her eye on these red ones!!

I think they would round out the collection just perfectly!!

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