Wednesday, September 8, 2010

gettin' my cowgirl on

Do I like costume parties? YES, YES, YES !!!

The Island Marina hosted a western party with a costume contest and I thought for sure me and my fellas would win. I mean look at this skirt!

But at least my friend Tim won. I helped him pick out the shirt when we went shopping for his outfit earlier that day in Kensington Market.

And we also found this amazing outfit for Bella - she'd had crinoline envy the last time I wore mine so we had to get her one too!

As a special treat the band were friends of mine - Leon Knight and the Neon Lights. Rob there in the brown shirt was my very first dance partner and we took a little spin on the dance floor for old time's sake when the band took a break.

Craziest thing of the night was when a guy we'd never seen before asked the fine fellow if he could buy the shirt he was wearing with the pink cadillac on the back. He said sure - 200 bucks, and the guy wandered away. And came back with 200 in cash!


  1. why miss jessica you sure do look pretty. i love his shirt too. but $200 is some nice pocket change.

  2. it is a nice shirt, but the fella's got quite of few nice shirts ...


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