Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm a winner

I had to fight quite a few other interested parties for these lovlies. I am super stoked to have won them for $43!!

I was really wanting a "carmel" coloured pair to kinda go with my hair and I love butterflies. They really do follow me around. I even had a pet butterfly when I spent the summer in France when I was 16. I would sun myself in the back yard in my frilly little pink bikini and for 3 days in a row the same butterfly would come and perch on my knee for about ten minutes. So I guess these boots were meant for me.

They were previously owned by a girl named Amber from Covington, Georgia. Here's what she has to say about them: "This is a pair of Dingo Leather Cowboy Boots that I bought from our local Horse Town Store. I live the boots but have only worn them maybe about five times and you know how men are, they think that we always have way to many shoes. So the ones that I didn't where that much I am getting rid of. These Boots are in excellent condition with ABSOLUTELY NO SCUFFS. Only the bottoms have the worn look but the picture does it no justice because I literally only wore them about 5 times. I paid $189.00 + tax for these."

I often wonder why people are getting rid of things and I also wonder how many stories people invent on ebay to explain themselves. But I really hope she isn't getting rid of these because a man guilted her into paring down her closet. That just isn't right! Now this dear girl is trying to figure out how to ship to Canada so that I can clap my hands and jump up and down when I get them. I really don't want to have to send them to my sister in LA, because we wear the same size and that could be dangerous!

I also won these Frye's for $60! Did you know that Frye is the oldest shoe company under continuous operation in the United States and that both Union and Confederate soldiers wore their boots in the Civil War? I sure didn't, but I love the shape and the heel on these darlings and I can't wait to wear them with little summer dresses as soon as they arrive from Dallas. I think it's pretty fun that my cowboy boots are both coming from real cowboy country.

Now I'm guessing a cowboy hat might be overkill ...


  1. I am always looking for Fryes on eBay, have yet to find any I like in a 10. I like the idea of eBay, though, because I like my boots like that pre-worn in! Great find!

  2. I know - cowboy boots in particular look good with some wear. Ms Georgia is really having a hard time with getting these in the mail, so I really hope they are worth the wait.


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