Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day!!

Are we equals? We must never stop asking ...


  1. Wow...thank you for posting this video. Today in my country all women were able to go by public transport for free. Although it was meant to be a nice deed, it's just crazy that people concentrate on hypocritical things like that (by the way this doesn't lead to equality – men don't have a day where they are able to go by p.t. For free) than to deal with the real problems (see video) of this issue. The crux of the matter is that we have to approach it differently. It's not about feminism (which will cause more annoyance), it's about equal rights for humankind, means ALL OF US, it's about genderism. I'm grateful that i had a teacher in senior high who taught us about genderism and its importance and didn't care about all the disresepect she received from the other teachers and pupils and that people like you point out that the discussion and improvement about/in equal rights is not done for a long time yet. best wishes, jay :)

  2. yes this video is great. I posted it on my FB wall this morning bc I wanted as many people to see it!!
    Gosh we need to evolve!!!!

    Happy international womens day Jessica!!


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