Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Hope all of you lovelies out there are experiencing spring's bounty. Around here - not so much. But hey, the snow is gone, the days are getting much longer, and I went to the island on the weekend!!!

You know it's still cold because those are arctic ducks swimming around in the lake. But it was still super fun to ride our bikes down and get on the ferry for the trip over to the island to do a bit of work on the boat.

Soon the boat will be right there again. And then the BBQ will get fired up and the sun will be shining!

Of course the real reason I volunteered for boat maintenance was because I wanted to see how my swans were doing. And I swear they recognized my voice!!

Big Daddy Swannee and Mommy Swannee came right over and seem to have sent their teenagers off on their own.

It's so wonderful to see them again! And I'm wondering if they will have another clutch of cygnets this year for us to oooh and aaah over. I can't wait to see if they do!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Pretty Swans.
    The first day of spring greeted us New Yorkers with snow. YES SNOW. friday was about almost 70 degrees and today snowy rainy and cold. I think Mamma Nature is going thorugh some stuff.


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