Tuesday, March 29, 2011

West Elm goodies

Here's what I got on the weekend. I'd been wanting another set of measuring spoons since, you know, I do soooo much baking now. And these are such a beautiful colour.

So pretty in fact that I decided I needed the matching measuring cups.

And then I'd been chatting with Anne so much over brunch about my jewelery ideas and the etsy store - what should I call it, how would I photograph stuff, organize stuff - all of that. So when I saw the egg crate all I could think of was putting beads in it!

Then I saw these little lacquered bowls and all I could think of was how they would make a great background for earrings. I got a yellow and a silver one.

And I thought the little bamboo bowls would make an interesting colour and pattern background too.

The mercury votive holders were just too pretty to leave behind.

Stay tuned to see how this little experiment works out!

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