Thursday, May 19, 2011

it floats my boat!

Because the boat floats!! Perry had to make up a name for it quick on the spot when he registered it at the marina.

He's calling it "Spooncake". Yes, after one of his favorite deserts.

Could have been worse, he could have called it Chocolate Flan. (I did mention that he can change it whenever he wants.)

The table and benches at the front convert into a double bed. But the table is too high and the width of it cramps the benches so Perry is thinking of ripping that out and building in an "L" shape couch which could turn into a bed.

Yesterday we went and threw out all the crap left behind by the previous owner. They hadn't gotten rid of anything and that closet right behind the bench was full of years worth of mildewy junk. Perry's thinking about ripping out the closet to make room for a fridge - I vote yes to that.

This is mostly the junk we brought with us. That wooden door behind the chair is the tiny, non-working fridge.

The lower bunk is a double bed and the upper bunk is a single. The single does fold down to make a couch back, but I'm suggesting it get removed because the head clearance on the lower bed is crappy. With a bed at the front and a bed at the back, I think that's enough. And he could always keep a blow-up mattress on hand if he really wants to have a slumber party.

We found a jillion life-jackets, which will come in handy, and a bunch of old novels from the 70's, which I may read. You know, while sitting on the back deck admiring my favourite willow tree.

What am I saying? The place is filthy and we haven't actually cleaned anything yet - that's tomorrow.


  1. Pretty damn cool. Congrats to Perry.

  2. really damn cool - and way cheaper than a cottage!


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