Friday, May 27, 2011

Marcel likes banana pancakes

My sweet sister Ceciley makes really great mixed CDs and she put Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes" on the one I was listening to the other day. Made me really want to eat some real banana pancakes.

Good thing I bought some Bob's Red Mill gluten-free pancake mix. I find these are especially yummy if I add vanilla and cinnamon to the mix.

Marcel likes them too! It was raining and I am pretending it's the weekend all the time!

Wishing you all a wonderful real weekend!


  1. Marcel is just so darn cute with his seriousness!!!

  2. this is his "ok fine, go ahead and take your pictures woman, I know I am the handsome-est" face

  3. Ha. I'ts an adorable face, it's almost like a "Marcel isn't impressed" face ;)
    I met a pretty little baby kitten today, and I just wanted to eat him up. One day I'll have me a cat again, and I can only hope he can pose so handsome-like just like Marcel.

  4. Finally, someone other than myself who eats with the cats on the table. Your pancakes look delish, I love your tablecloth, and Marcel is totally adorable. And now I want pancakes.

  5. Ha! Well I spent years trying to get him off and then decided I didn't care. Pancakes = yum!


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