Monday, May 23, 2011

we swabbed the deck

Well actually Perry vacuumed the deck, but that just doesn't sound as good.

And he also scrubbed down the walls and cupboards.

I fixed and hung the curtains and organized the closet.

Hey, when we lived together I did most of the cleaning and all of the laundry, so I figured he should clean his own boat.

Once things got to looking pretty good Perry quickly understood that living on the boat requires 3 very important things: a fridge, a BBQ and a water cooler. So he took off to Home Depot to acquire these things since he had invited everyone he knows to come and see the boat on Saturday.

So Saturday morning I met Perry at the dock to help him load his new purchases onto a water taxi and take it all over to the boat.

It was a good thing he bought a fridge and a BBQ and the water because everyone he invited over arrived at some point on Saturday!

Twelve people showed up throughout the day and at one point there were eight people on the roof. Somehow I managed not to get any photos of that.

Since the roof has the most space and gets the best sunlight, Perry has decided that the first order of business is to set the roof up as a proper deck. He's going to try and make that happen this week.

Perry's friend KC brought his little daughters Tegan-8 and Teryn-5 over and before they destroyed the boat or fell in the lake with all their running and jumping I took them over to the park to play on the slide and the swings and then we walked over to the beach to play in the sand.

I think everyone who came to visit will be clamoring to come back on the next nice day!


  1. "Hey, when we lived together I did most of the cleaning and all of the laundry, so I figured he should clean his own boat"---- HA AMEN TO THAT!
    This post makes me want to live on a boat, or maybe just near a body of water.

  2. That's what I love - I don't really care that it's a boat. I just love that right off the back deck you can feed the ducks and the swans by hand!

  3. Thats pretty cool. Theres something so peaceful about water, nature, and animals. Gotta love it!!!

  4. I would love to spend a warm evening on that boat. :) Feeding ducks and swans.


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