Friday, March 19, 2010

bathroom by ikea

When I moved into my little house I was fairly impressed by the size of the bathroom. However it was notably lacking in a couple of areas: no mirrors and no shelves ... how does that work?

Well in my world it does not, so it was off to Ikea to solve these problems "tout-suite" and wouldn't you know they had a mirror with a shelf that fit in the strange little space above the sink.

And of course they had inexpensive shower curtains and bath mats in colours that work with the pale green/grey on the walls in here - no need to paint thank goodness. I got the little bowls and cups on a trip to NYC at Pearl River. That place is amazing and clearly I'm a sucker for pretty ceramics.

The ceiling in this room is weirdly low since it is a funny little addition to the house but my Billy bookcase, which had previously only seen book & cd action fits in here perfectly and has transformed itself into a very useful bathroom shelf-thingy/organizer for make-up, towels and girly things that prefer to be hidden behind closed doors.

A friend gave me this larger Ikea mirror and I did of course put some Anthropologie knobs on little Billy quite some time ago. Now the rest of this room needs to join the party. The wall above the toilette could use a few shelves too.

I managed to score two of these Anthropologie shower curtains on sale just after x-mas, but the curtain needs some hemming due to the two open sides of the shower so I'm trying to get motivated to do that this weekend.

I also ordered a couple of sweet mccoys on ebay to vintage things up and tie this room into the kitchen since it opens directly onto it. So, toothbrushes?

Tissue roll holder? I never have any real idea of the size of these things until they arrive so who knows? but cute, right?


  1. the footed dish is way too cute for a t. paper holder. i would insert a flat disk and make it a soap dish, or a container for cotton balls, bath beads or bath salts.

  2. Really cute! That bookcase fits perfectly.

    I'd agree with boops - I'd make the footed dish a soap dish or something for your rings/earrings.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. love the shower curtain! Hope you got up the motivation to sew.

  4. Looks great! That shower curtain is going to be wonderful... make sure you share!


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