Monday, March 29, 2010

hot rockin Sunday

Went to The Dakota Tavern on Sunday for some more of their yummy fish tacos and to listen to some bluegrass by Licken' Good Fried.

My friend Rob was playing the dobro with them this particular week and I do love the way he makes that thing sound.

Robby sang a song too!

Then he had the Flinstonian-sized ribs - yumm!

What I didn't know was that after the bluegrass dinner hour there was a Rolling Stones cover band playing called Hot Rock. Generally, I wouldn't say I like this kind of thing but when Rob says a band is good and fun to dance to I listen up - he was my first dance partner and he knows what I like.

So I stayed, and I danced my ass off until 2 in the morning! I was too busy shakin it to take any pictures but they're playing again on Wednesday so I might just have to go back for more.

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