Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday swap

Sunday was a pretty busy day. I had brunch with Anne at Saving Grace but forgot to bring my camera and after that I went to a clothing swap. I'd never been to one before cause usually I give away the good stuff to whomever I think will enjoy it most and then drop the rest off at the Goodwill. But it was perfect timing as I had recently done a big sweep of all ill-fitting and just-not-wearing-it clothes and shoes and I had three big bags of stuff to get rid of. I told myself I wouldn't even look so that I could come home with nothing. Ha - like that was going to happen!

Parasuco jeans that fit like a glove but are not long enough to wear with heels.

Love this blouse which is more purple in real life and a bit sheer.

Little nightgown or dress for over a bikini - it's so soft.

This is probably a dud and I was kinda talked into it. It needs some repairs and it's a bit poufy for me.

But these were the score of the swap!! I took them in yesterday and had them re-heeled and polished, so technically they cost me 20 bucks - but still a total score at that - whoo hooo!
(ahem, please ingnore the crap under the bed)

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