Friday, March 26, 2010

bathroom mccoys

Okay, mmm, yeah ... haven't gotten much done in this here bathroom since last week.

but I did turn my Mccoy love birds into a q-tip holder ...

and brought in mr peacock ...

and put a bunch of hair elastics in mr frog.

Wondering if I should paint the cd insert in the Billy bookcase?

There will be progress this weekend! Handy friend Matt is going to come over and put up shelves over the comode and I am gonna fire up the sewing machine and sort out the shower curtain.


  1. my vote is yes for painting the cd inserts (maybe a bold color?). i love your ceramics. functional can be pretty too! have fun this weekend (esp. if Matt is a hunky handyman....mmmrrrowwlll!)...was that inappropriate?

  2. whooo - ha ha! yes he's easy on the eyes but it's a been there done that kinda thing


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