Tuesday, May 11, 2010

buttons and boots

I really have got to find some time to get to my sewing projects. Find some time, make some time - what is that? I guess weekends I just love to laze around and be dozy or get outside and enjoy some nature since I don't do much of either during the week.

I did finally get over to the button shop yesteday and picked out some buttons for a couple of jackets that are looking cheaper than they need to with their crappy buttons. I love these kinds of places and can spend hours looking at every little thing, thinking about what to put them on.

But I went on a break from work and I was in a hurry, so I only had time to do the job at hand. Then when I'd picked out my finds and went to pay I realized I had left my wallet in the office - no! So I gotta race back there today.

On my way back, I happened to get lured into a shoe store (can't imagine how that happened) and became quite enamoured by the Frye cowboy boots.

I've been seriously digging this flirty dress with cowboy boots look for a while now. Probably stems from watching all those seasons of Friday Night Lights over the winter and spending far too much time thinking about Tim Riggins ...

(these should not be worn like this but I think they would be hot with a short skirt)

But these Frye boots, they are not cheap. Ebay to the rescue as usual. I guess ebay and I are seeing each other again ...

cause I wanna win me these boots!

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