Tuesday, May 4, 2010

welcome to the bedroom - pt 1

Now that my spring overhaul is more-or-less complete and I've tidied this place up I'm ready to show it off. The hilarious part about this (at least to me) is that now that I see what it looks like in photos, this room is a bit crazy.

There is a whooooooole lot going on in here because I have a whole lot of stuff:

(this lamp needs a bigger shade, and the dresser and side table are a bit too matchy-matchy in this space)

shoes, skirts, dresses, jewelery, purses, hats, wigs, cds ... but I can explain - really - I have some wonderful excuses ...

You see, for the last twelve plus years I've been a swing dancing lindy hopper, teacher, and performer and so I need all those shoes and dresses and earrings and wigs and hats and cds ...

(this painting is a family heirloom and I need to ship it to my bro in Arizona)

Nevermind that I sold my dance studio a couple of years ago and have been trying to figure out what to do with my life now that I'm almost 40. I'm still the same size as when I was 25 so I'm keeping my stuff.

(the "fun" side of the closet - that shelf should probably be painted, not sure about the colour though)

You never know when you're going to need 12 flapper dresses or fairy wings or a giant blond afro.

That's me on the right.

I made the tiny green vase on the left and I never seem to have enough hair elastics, but perhaps I'm trying to make a silk purse ...

There is actually a closet in this room, but it barely holds all the aforementioned wigs and crinolines ... so more to come. But clearly I could use some suggestions regarding "editing" so have at it.

(card drawn & painted by my sister Ceciley)


  1. a-i'll try to not hate you for being the same size after 15 years (grr)
    b-the painting is very Frank Stella
    c-(to keep) get one of those floor to ceiling cabinets from ikea and line a whole wall with them
    d-(to purge) sell your stuff on ebay/craigslist; you'll find you can manage to survive with most of it and you can always re-purchase through same sources.

  2. a - I work hard at this thing, and one of the Damzels is a fitness instructor
    b - the painting is by David Bolduc, he and my dad went to OCA together and it's from the 60's
    c - I would love those ikea closets but I don't want to spend much dough in here
    d - getting rid of the stuff is so not an option!

  3. b-oh wow! he passed recently, didn't he?

    c & d-if keeping is THE option you need some sort of storage solution. is there a space in the house that can be cleared and converted?

  4. b - I didn't realize, just read the Globe's article about it - he & my father were still friends and he didn't mention it

    c & d - you really hate all that stuff out in the open donchya? wait till you see tomorrow's post!


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