Monday, May 3, 2010

vintage sights & sounds

I am a vintage girl at heart. I know I romanticize the old days but I indulged myself in that romance this weekend.

(yes that's me swing dancing in a vintage dress & a wig)

First with the tribute to blues harmonica player Little Walter at the Silver Dollar on Saturday night put on by Raoul Bhaneja.


Wow did some of those harp players blow the roof off that place and some of these guys really made me shake my hair.

And although David Rotundo just showed up to hear the rest of the bunch do their thing, Raoul talked him into coming up for the last two songs and man, he was the highlight of the night! Insanely awesome - I was hot & sweaty from dancing by the time the night was through.

(Jake playing guitar in the background)

Sunday I went to the island with the fine fellow to do a Jane's Walk while he worked on his boat. I love to read about the old days on the island when there were parties at grand hotels, dance halls and an amusement park. The guide for this walk seemed to share those sentiments and brought all sorts of visual aids with him so that we could really get a sense of what the place used to be like as he led us about.

(photo of skyline from the 1930's)

And I loved hearing that when people first started to build houses on the island you could actually order one from the Simpson's catalogue and assemble it yourself. I'm guessing it didn't come with an allen key!

The island was glorious and since the day had started out overcast there was hardly anyone around. I felt like a woodland nymph - all the animals were out chirping and chattering, the swans were dancing on the lake and I swear the butterflies were following me around.

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