Tuesday, September 28, 2010

giving advice

Remember when my-girl-T came to visit in July with her two little ones? Well, we talked about a lot of things - we had lots of catching up to do.

And a big thing that we do for each other is talk about our problems. Not to wallow in them, but to take them apart and understand why they are problems, why we are stuck in situations we don't like, and how we can change them, solve them, and resolve them so that we can grow and learn and get happier.

So we make suggestions and give each other advice. Of course, one of my big pieces of advice is, stay in Winnipeg for the school year, but spend that time figuring out how to move back to Toronto in the summer because she is just plain happier here. We're still talking about that one.

But one of my smaller pieces of advice was "start a blog". Tamar has had an interesting and slightly crazy life - she's been the highest selling encyclopedia sales person in Australia; had her own sugar-free chocolate bar company; and almost been a stand-up comedienne. So she's funny and while her life is not particularly funny right now, it is, as usual, both interesting and crazy.

But I'll let her explain because she took me up on this suggestion right here: http://reallytamar.blogspot.com/

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