Monday, September 20, 2010

I got hacked!

Yes, my Google account got hacked. And I came up with an ingenious new password and changed it as soon as I found out quite late one night.

And when I woke up the next morning I could not remember the password for the life of me. So then I was locked out of my account. And my my, the things Google wants you to remember to give your account back were pretty hard to dig up. I had to submit my request twice before they'd hand it back over.

But I've been having a wonderful time and completely forgetting to take photos. I'm glad my island friends are happy to share theirs - especially when things like Disco parties are going on!


  1. Sorry you got hacked - that stinks! But my, that's a great wig!

  2. welcome back! i did get a spam email from your account and figured "uh-oh" something was up. love the dress! yowza!


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