Tuesday, April 26, 2011

etsy experiment continues

I've tried out some new "poses" for earrings with a few new pairs that I've made by hanging them from some other pieces of my vintage pottery collection. I love how the little hand looks!

And the green vase is a nice soft backdrop. I have lavender in it but that didn't show up in the close ups.

I love the smoky mauve and pink taupe pearls together - this is going to be a rare pair.

The white pitcher does a pretty good job too.

Then I worked on the banner and I was hoping it would look like this ...

but once I made it the correct size for etsy it turned into this ...

I guess I'll need to have another go at this to get more beads in the banner photo. Here's the link to the store again: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JessicaLovesJewelry


  1. I think you should model them. You know in boho romantic style. You're selling a feeling, as well as jewelry.

  2. working on that, will have loads more time starting next week when I no longer have to go to work!!

  3. I was thinking about the header of my blog for some time now and I planned to use an inspiring photo I took on my analogue camera that would represent my blog. But seeing the banner you use for your etsy page I begin to think about borrowing your idea with the handwriting as a header - as long as you are ok with that.


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