Monday, April 18, 2011

etsy experiment

OK well, I thought I had kind figured out how I wanted to approach the etsy thing and what I wanted my banner to look like and how I would like to photograph the earrings. All of it very do-able but requiring some new fonts and new pictures. I figured I had about two weeks as I wanted it to be ready for my sister's birthday.

I mailed her presents to her last week thinking it could take a while for them to get to her. But they arrived super early and she opened them right away. And wore them right away. And made a video and talked about them right away.

And the video will be up on YouTube later today. So I scrambled to throw something together late last night and get etsy up and running - ahhhhhh! It's not at all what I want it to be just yet, but it's there. I'm interested to see what happens! Here's the link:


  1. It looks great! Congratulations.

  2. Oh YAY!!!
    Congratulations dear. The earrings look so pretty. I hope this is a HUGE success!!!

  3. Thanks Rose - you'll see something on Ceciley's video today she tells me. And this is certainly a work in progress - but that's life right?

  4. Amen to that! life IS a work in progress just like wine it gets better with time!!!
    I saw the vid with the pretty red bird ones.
    very nice.

  5. I LOVE your earrings (I commented on Cecileys video about her gorgious red ones) - they look so beautiful. I am so going to purchase some. And I wonder if you could make a video about you making some because it seems so complicated. Also, I wanted to tell you that I made your delicious wheat-free cookies a few weeks ago for my boyfriend (who is allergic to wheat and milk) and he said they were/are the best cookies he ever ate - and when he says that he really means it. I posted a picture of them on my blog, you can go and check em out :)

  6. So glad your bf enjoyed the cookies - they are also the fine fellow's favorite and he can eat wheat and dairy - didn't see the photo on your blog though?

  7. Oh, my fault. Got a little bit confused since I began posting pictures on different sites. Sorry, gonna post a picture soon. :)


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