Thursday, April 21, 2011

le creuset

Today is the fine fellow's birthday - yay!! But he is very hard to shop for. I was racking my brains for quite a while until it occurred to me that he has been known to lament the fact that he doesn't have a cast iron frying pan so that he can put omelettes in the oven so they get nice an fluffy - he makes a mean omelette. So I took a poll amongst all my lady-friends at work who are good cooks and they all agreed, Le Creuset is the only way to go.

This stuff is not cheap people, but it comes with a life-time guarantee. Of course, I did go looking for the best price I could find. I wasn't even going to look on-line because I figured the cost to ship a 6 pound frying pan would be ridiculous. But guess what I found? A place in Canada, where it was on sale and free shipping in the US and Canada!! It's called Creative Cookware. They shipped me the pan FedEx and I got it the next day - amazing!

And while I was there I fell in love with a green-apple green tea kettle. My current tea kettle is in bad shape, but it's probably the thing I use the most in the kitchen. Naturally I shared my love of all these green pots and pans with the work lady-friends and guess what they did?

They ordered the kettle for me as my goodbye gift! But they were soon thwarted and informed that this colour has been discontinued. So they all scoured the city to find me one and in the end they did. Isn't she lovely? They really are the best work-mates a girl could ask for and they're the only thing I'm going to miss when I leave the ol' job in a week.

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