Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting started

A friend of mine has been talking about starting a career defining project for years now and I've heard myself saying "just start and work the bugs out as you go along, but please just start" about once a week lately - so I thought I should just take my own advice. I'm good at dishing it out but not always at following it myself.

So here I am. I've been talking about this for a while and though I have no idea how to format and make this thing look pretty, no idea how to link in all the things I joyfully obsess about (like my cat Marcel, books, the jewellery projects I'm working on, my small efforts at home decor), Elizabeth over at Mable's House ( - wonder how I hot link that) has totally inspired me. So I'm here for some sharing and some adventure.

- Jessica

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jessica. Thanks for the sweet comments! Dont sweat the orange tree bowl set, it happens to all of us. Glad you got another one though! And as far as planting succulents... use succulent potting soil (it's very dry and has gravel in it) and dont follow my lead by putting them in vintage planters that dont drain. I ended up having to transfer them to regular pots after a while. The key is good sun, which I dont have, and mine get super leggy. But I keep buying them anyway. :)


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