Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love fabric!! But do I sew? well, kind of. I own a sewing machine and I’ve been known to do some of my own repair jobs, alter costumes, and make the odd pillow cover out of some Amy Butler fabric. In my old place with a slew of many shaped Victorian windows I did completely customize curtains from IKEA for 7 different windows – and they looked ok.

But do I really “sew” – maybe not. When I lived with Perry I bought some gorgeous Kaffee Fassett fabric to hang in front of my large closet, since the doors were eating up some valuable floor space. But I thought it was so pretty that I was worried about making a mess if I tried to hem them. Turned out that was ok since I moved out a few months later, and in the new place I even used one of the panels to cover my headboard which is a bit more modern than what I like these days.

Here is the proof that I don’t really sew. This is the curtain hanging in my bedroom. It needs to be lined both for darkness and so that it doesn’t bleach out. So I cut a piece of fabric to line it with but it's been hanging like this for almost a year because I’m scared to do it (please note the selvedge is there for all to see).

Marcel doesn't care - he just likes to sit on the radiator.

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