Wednesday, February 23, 2011

minor obesessions

Making earrings for me and my sister. I have a habit of getting hooked on a particular colour or type of stone when making jewelery. My last fixation was aquamarine, and that's still lingering, but I'm loooooving labradorite right now.

I finished the pearls above with some labradorite and I really love the shape and design of these. But then I lost one walking down Queen Street one day - sads, especially because the store doesn't have these anymore.

This is my attempt at a substitution but somehow they are just not as perfect.

But it seems that labradorite is a healthy minor obsession right now. Apparently it will help reveal my spiritual destiny and path, promote strength of will and a feeling of inner worth, and help combine intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom. I could really use all of that right now. Maybe I should make a few more things with it ...


  1. Ooh, making jewelry is so fun! It really takes your mind somewhere else. I did it for awhile, but then stopped. I guess I got hooked by another hobby, but maybe I'll do more someday. Your earrings are really beautiful.

  2. Oh I love your jewelry. Its absolutley beautiful. im allergic to metal including sterling silver. I only wish i could wear such nice pieces.

  3. thanks so much!! have you ever tried wearing clip-ons?

  4. You're welcome. And no I havent tried clip-ons. My skin is extremely sensitve. I cant wear "nickel". if I wear anything that has nickel in it (like metal) that area of skin breaks out into a horrible rash. the button in jeans have the same effect, even underwire bras are a no no for me. so clip-ons will have the same effect :(
    all my jewelry has to be gold. white gold to be exact. i hate it.


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