Friday, February 25, 2011

new retro specs

Around two years ago, shortly after I moved into my new place, I broke my favourite purple glasses and completely lost my spare pair. Now I don't wear glasses all too often because I only wear them for distance, but I'm particular about them nonetheless and I considered my purple ones "perfect". I searched and searched for months for a replacement until I found Gafas on Queen Street.

I must have walked by it a million times and just never noticed. The outside storefront is quite narrow, but they pack a ton of wonderful glasses and sunglasses in this place. Tony helped me pick these Barton Perreiras - "DiPrima". I never thought I would choose brown, but I love them!

In fact, I loved them so much that when I realized I had some credits left over that I needed to spend, I thought I would just get the same pair in another colour. When I bought the first pair I had really been looking for a frame that was clear.

But Tony steered me in a new direction - Barton Perreiras again; this time "Halston".

 I know they're a bit cartoon-y, but I think they're fun!!

1 comment:

  1. you look gorgious with these glasses.
    really, they suit you :)
    thank you for commenting on my first blog.
    stay tuned :D


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