Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my first red kitchen

When Perry and I moved in together in 2008 the kitchen and sun room had been painted a really hideous shade of dark red. I disliked it so much that this is the only photo of it I have, and painting it became priority number one in the apartment.

I mean, come on, who paints the outlet cover to match?

I wanted something a bit more green but yellow was what we agreed upon and ultimately worked better with the brick and the brown tile. And we replaced the yucky rice paper blind!

We were also less than fond of the "breakfast bar" that cut the table area off from the kitchen itself.

Particularly since it meant that if you opened the dishwasher you were trapped next to the stove and two people could not be in there at the same time.

Also after spending over an hour cleaning the tiled counter top with a knife I convinced Perry that even if we paid for it, it needed to go.

It went - woo-hoo!

I had more plans in store for this kitchen, but these two changes were absolutely transformational and made the kitchen a much nicer space to be in. Then I moved out - into a new place - with a hideous red kitchen.

(*"after" photos taken after I moved out - the Hawaiian theme is all Perry)

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