Friday, February 26, 2010

welcome to the kitchen - before & after

When Anthropologie opened in Toronto last summer I realized I didn't want a mid-century modern kitchen to go with my lovely teak table - what I really wanted was an Anthropologie kitchen! I could keep my chairs and all I needed was the right table cloth and I'd be in business.

To recap, the kitchen looked like this when I moved in:

But with an Anthropologie table cloth, mirror from Urban Outfitters, and clock from Pier 1, I got exactly what I wanted.

The window went from looking like this:

to this, with some shelf brackets from Anthropologie and shelves from Ikea.

And the counter went from this:

to this, with some more shelf brackets & knobs from Anthropologie and pulls from Lee Valley.

The dingy stove went from this:

to this, with the addition of a shelf over the radiator and some paint on the old cabinets.

I really love the chairs now!

And there's a bit more counter space.

Cute measuring cups from Anthropologie (again),

my pink tea set,

and some childhood tchachkas all have happy places to live now.

Plus there's room for some Mccoys ...


  1. what a cheery space! how can anyone be a gloomy guss in that room, you must perk right up when making your morning coffee!

  2. I do - I walk directly into the kitchen first thing every morning and it does brighten me right up!

  3. Cute!! I love that wall color! Definitely much much better than the red. And the teapots rock.
    Looks like Marcel is happy with it all too! ;-)


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