Friday, April 16, 2010

bedroom inspiration

OK – so I’ve been slacking in the bathroom and have yet to hem the shower curtains, but it is supposed to rain all weekend and as of yet I have no plans (but the movie version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens today …)

(yes, I made most of that jewelery)

I have however been jolted into action on the completely empty wall in the bedroom above my dresser. I’ve had no vision for this space but thanks to Shari at little blue lamb now I do:

Then on Tuesday eve I saw a very affordable, very adorable vintage mirror with etched flowers at Bronze, the antique store next to Damzels, when I was on my way to work-out. I called Rory at the store and asked her to go and put a deposit on it and I plan to pick it up after work (photo forthcoming).

(Damzels is on the right)

Now I just need a shelf with some hooks to display some more of my wares and an adorable vintage clock (I love clocks) and I’ll be in business.

(too pink? ebay)

This is the fabric from whence the room takes it’s colour scheme. Perhaps I’ll get around to all my hemming projects if indeed the rain does fall …


  1. the colors in your bedroom have a lot of energy :)
    i'm curious to get a close up of your bedside lamp, if that's not too intrusive.

  2. The bedside lamp is the Brimfield Birdie Lamp Base from Urban Outfitters - the shade is from Bouclair but I think is too small so that's another thing ...

  3. Ooo I like the inspiration! I hope you got some projects done.


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