Friday, April 23, 2010

bedroom spring clean

I did a quick tidy-up in the bedroom with the intention of taking some "before" pictures of the whole room. But an entire spring clean is clearly in order as it is definitely time to retire the winter clothes and break out all my happy-bright-swirly skirts (and I seem to have all kinds of crap under my bed that is a total mystery to me).

(mccoy there next to a card my sister made me with a photo of us as babies)

I've been thinking about this wall quite a bit now that the mirror is happily perched there and I can get a sense of how much/little space there is around it compared to the inspiration photo - so I've got some new thoughts percolating about that.

But I'm not sure when I'm gonna get around to all these things because I have plans to spend the better part of the weekend on this boat with the fine fellow who owns it - yay for me!


  1. i like the can still arrange an asymmetrical composition like in the inspiration photo; i would just keep an eye on the scale of the items you pair it with since it is larger.

    how jealous am i about your boat weekend!!! enjoy it! (lake ontario i'm assuming, or are you headed to cottage country?)

  2. the boat is moored on the Toronto Island - you can see the top of the CN tower in the photo - packin' sun screen and cookies!

  3. Awesome! I once spent a weekend on a boat docked in SF Bay, it was amazing! Great cleanup there!


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