Friday, April 2, 2010

bathroom shelves

Saturday Matt came over and put up the shelves. They were left over from an old shoe rack that did not survive my move but were actually the perfect size for this space.

After looking at all sorts of nice shelf brackets I decided I wanted to spend as little money on these shelves as possible - thank you Ikea. Clearly they need to be painted but although the weather this weekend is fabulous I don't feel like doing it when I could be on the island basking in the sun. The roomie made short work of putting her stuff in here so they were a much needed addition.

I got my last mccoys in the mail finally.

I love the little bird bath! but it is much smaller that I was expecting and I really don't quite know what to do with it. Maybe actually use it as a planter and put a little ivy or violet in it?

Also don't know what to do with the TP. It used to have a holder here.

This is hiding the radiator shut offs and needs some kind of camouflage.

And I really need to do something about the lighting ... thoughts?


  1. I'm sure that the shelves are definitely a welcome addition! I think with a little paint, they'll definitely look good - the brackets will probably just disappear to the wall.

    Is that your only light in the bathroom?? If not - I know that Ballard Designs sells a socket coverter. You screw into the socket and it has a long cord for a pendant light that you can attach a shade to. You could get a long cord and drape it up to a hook you put in the ceiling, and then let it hang down with a shade. That could be really pretty!!!

    Hope you have a happy Easter weekend! Enjoy the weather!

  2. unfortunately it is the only light in this room and the ceiling is also very low, so I need a solution that still provides lots of light

  3. nice work on the shelves-i agree the paint will disguise the brackets but not before you return from your island get away ;)
    ivy for the bird bath definitely (if the bathroom gets the required amount of natural light of course)
    how high off the floor is the rad access? maybe hide it behind some artwork?
    re lighting: if you have extra outlets in the room, i've seen plug in track lighting products but i'll have to do extra research to find retailers and options- see as one example.


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