Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bloomin beauties

Well it didn't rain this weekend, but on Saturday there was a bunch of mini hail off and on throughout the day. Otherwise it was very mild, and the buds they are a bloomin all over my neighbourhood!

Little Italy is full of brick victorians, painted and unpainted, gingerbreaded and modernized, with front gardens that are just big enough for flowers,

or a bloomin' tree.

I can't wait for all the lilacs on my street to bloom, but the cherry blossoms in High Park are in full swing!!

And so were all the cherry blossom watchers since there was no precipitation of any kind on Sunday.

I met up with some friends and their kidlets and we spent hours in the park just doing this:

since this was our view:

There was lots of this:

because beauty,

and cuteness,

was all around.

The sewing machine remains in its box.


  1. I love flowering trees. Wish they stayed around longer!!

  2. great blog! i like your style- lots of flowers, furniture, and gerard butler :)

  3. ah the good things in life .... thanks jordan!

  4. Girl, that tree in the 3rd picture is gorgeous!! Wish it were in my front yard insteaed ;-)

  5. I know - I love it, but I have no idea what it is and it's not in my front yard either!

  6. gosh, how did i miss this post? spring was never a favorite season, but i have to say, i'm getting into it more and more as i get older (cough) looked like a fun day!


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