Tuesday, April 27, 2010

an orange orange-tree bowl

I won this baby last week and she just arrived!

I think I’ll call her ginger laughlin.

I love the colour and how lovely she looks with her aqua brothers and sister.

I find I use big homer the most and although they are supposed the be the same size, ginger is a bit bigger.

So glad salad season is here – greens are gonna be a good look for ginger.


  1. You have a very fun blog. In just a few posts, I felt like I knew a lot about your style - your apartment seems very "you", which is exactly what I want for our house, too :)

    Love Ginger. She (and her friends) are all very pretty.


  2. these are so pretty...who says prep and serve has to be ho hum? kp duty can be pretty too!

  3. Love how all those bowls look against your table cloth. so pretty!

  4. I can't believe you have a tablecloth that has the colors of the bowls. How did you find that??!

    1. I am often looking for things in that colour family, but I think I just got lucky! It's from Anthropologie, but I got it years ago.


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