Thursday, April 8, 2010

I want to adopt

The Toronto Humane Society is closing on April 12 for renovations after a much discussed scandal that makes no sense to me. But there are around 50 cats that still need to find homes by Sunday.

I would happily adopt Jai! There is just something about him ... maybe because he looks a bit like Marcel, but I think it is that knowing look in his eyes and his bandit mask. Some idiot had him declawed and then continued to let him be an outdoor cat where he could not defend himself and one battle too many left him with FIV and then they didn't want him anymore. FIV is not that big a deal but most people don't know that.

But Marcel rules the roost around here and would have a crazy turf war with any other male cat. He would probably loose but he's got serious claws so there would be carnage and that's just bad all around. He might tolerate a female cat, especially one as tiny as Dousa (who I was instantly smitten with) but happily she has already found a home.

A very lovely person has started a blog with very detailed profiles of all the sweeties still left at the shelter, so if you have been thinking about adding a cat to your life, and older cats make wonderful, mellow pets, please have a look: and think about giving a needy kitty a home.

They have just added a picture of Poppy.

We are talking cat super-model here and she makes me want to go over there right now and bring her home. But full disclosure - I am actually kinda allergic to cats and as much as I love them another would probably put me on oxygen. I cannot go into pet stores without wanting to cry from the cuteness and I should really stop looking at this blog. But I hope somebody brings this gorgeous darling home!


  1. Awe that's so sad. I really hope they all find homes. So great you are trying to help!

  2. Lovely blog, Jessica! Hopefully, Jai will find a home this week - other FIV+ kitties have been adopted. Do you think Marcel would be OK with a kitty lady? I now have a declawed (she came that way) and clawed kitty and am resolved to just keep the claws trimmed.

  3. To me Marcel is a sweet bunny but even when he was young he had very little tolerance for other cats. In all his years he had only one outside cat friend. She was a tiny little siamese with deformed paws and she was very old. She wanted to be his friend and hang out on the porch at the old place and he would sit next to her and watch the people go by. At his advanced age, I don't think it's worth the risk trying to get him to make a new friend, so I hope lots of people go to the humane society this week.

  4. oh my god! how could this happen? i'm surprised at the lack of oversight. shouldn't ths be part of the solution and not the problem?


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